Destillera din egen whisky?


En whiskyskola lanseras nu på Bladnoch Distillery. Under en tredagars kurs får man delta i whiskytillverkningen.LAUNCH OF THE WHISKY SCHOOL – Distil your own whiskyWe are pleased to inform our readers of the lastest development in the world of whisky – A chance to attend a 3-day course at a Scotch malt whisky distillery to participate in the making of malt whisky. The delightful Bladnoch Distillery is being  made available for a maximum of 12 participants during the first weekend of December (Friday 30th November till Sunday 2nd December). For those attending we are sure it will be like a dream come true as they become honourable distillery workers for 3 days, filling the casks at the end and taking away a small sample of ’new-make’ whisky that they themselves have distilled. For full information and how to reserve a place visit